Checklist app with React and localstorage persistence

By Hunter Becton for Checklist app

This was the first time I'd used Vite to create a React application, and I was impressed by how easy and fast it was. I also used the LocalStorage middleware plugin for Zustand, which added a simple state persistence to the app.

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Hunter Becton

Founder at Skillthrive. I love building web apps with JavaScript and helping others learn to code.

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Hunter Becton

January 30, 2023

Checklist app with SvelteKit and localstorage persistence

This was my first app built with Svelte and SvelteKit. Although this project was simple, I can see why people love Svelte so much! Reactivity is so easy to handle compared to React, plus it comes with its own global storage solution.

Level 4


Tailwind CSS


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Hunter Becton

January 23, 2023

Masonry image gallery with React and CSS

Creating the masonry grid was harder than I expected, but I used CSS columns instead of a library. Eventually, I want to add animations for the images when the filter status changes.

Level 2





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Hunter Becton

January 23, 2023

Web designer and developer portfolio

I moved quickly with this challenge until I got to the portfolio modal. The image slider took me a long time to figure out because I couldn't figure out how to create the overlapping effect. Luckily Framer Motion helped smooth things out in the end.

Level 3


Framer Motion