Checklist app with SvelteKit and localstorage persistence

Solution for Checklist app

Hunter Becton

Hunter Becton

Checklist app with SvelteKit and localstorage persistence


Tailwind CSS


What did you learn while working on this solution?

I learned more about SvelteKit and how to store user data in localStorage so the app could be used at a later time without losing data. This was a valuable experience as it allowed me to ensure that the user's progress is saved, providing a better and more consistent user experience.

What would you do differently if you had to solve this challenge again, and why?

I wouldn't do anything differently. The solution works well as is, but perhaps I would consider adding a lightweight database like SQLite for more robust data management. This would make the app more scalable and provide additional functionality for users who need to manage lists from any browser.

Did you try any new approaches or technologies in this challenge? What was that experience like?

I learned how to persist data with localStorage and SvelteKit. It's always fun using built-in web features like localStorage, as they provide simple yet powerful solutions for maintaining user data across sessions. This approach was effective and easy to implement, making it a great choice for this project.