Level 4

Checklist app

Keep track of your daily tasks with a checklist app and quickly see the percentage of tasks completed and in progress.


Your Challenge is to create a personal checklist web application. You should be able to add, edit, and remove list items.

Each list item can be checked or unchecked to mark it as complete or in progress. This change will update a progress bar below the list of items so you can quickly get an idea of how far along you are on the checklist.

Your Challenge is complete when:

  • The website is as close to the original design as possible

  • The website is responsive and viewable on multiple screen sizes

  • Elements have the correct state styles (hover, focus, etc.)

  • Tasks can be added, edited, removed, and marked complete

  • Checking or unchecking a task as complete will update the progress bar below the list of items 

What's included

Challenges include all the assets you would expect from a designer in real-world projects, plus some resources to help you complete the Challenge.

  • Organized Figma design file
  • Detailed desktop, tablet, and mobile layouts
  • Comprehensive design system
  • Relevant fonts, colors, SVGs, and images
  • Alternative Solutions from members
  • Straightforward quick-start guide
  • Recommended list of learning resources
  • Access to community Discord channels