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import { FC } from 'react'

export interface DetailSectionProps {
  title: string
  details: string

export const DetailSection: FC<DetailSectionProps> = ({ title, details }) => {
  return (
    <div className="flex border-b-2 border-stone-200 py-4 md:py-5 lg:py-6">
      <p className="text-lg font-light text-stone-700 md:text-xl lg:text-2xl">
      <p className="ml-auto text-lg font-light text-stone-700 md:text-xl lg:text-2xl">

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Figma design file

Practice your skills of turning pixels into actual websites and apps with full access to the final Figma design file.

Responsive layouts

Use the mobile, tablet, and desktop breakpoints to build responsive webpages for users on any device.

Design system

Manage your fonts, colors, components, and styles between design and code with a professional design system.

Discord community

Connect with others, ask for help or lend a hand, and explore previous conversations and forums.

Community solutions

Submit your own solutions or explore others to learn different approaches to solving Challenges.

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Explore our ever-expanding library of resources curated to support developers in broadening their skill set.


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