Masonry image gallery with React and CSS

Solution for Masonry image gallery

Hunter Becton

Hunter Becton

Masonry image gallery with React and CSS





What did you learn while working on this solution?

I learned how to create a simple filter function with React, which was a great way to manage the visibility of images based on selected themes. I also realized how complex creating a masonry grid can be with CSS, requiring careful consideration of layout and image aspect ratios to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing design.

What would you do differently if you had to solve this challenge again, and why?

The filter feature feels basic, so if I had to solve this challenge again, I would like to add animations for when images are filtered. Adding animations would provide a smoother, more visually appealing user experience.

Did you try any new approaches or technologies in this challenge? What was that experience like?

I was surprised how complicated creating a masonry grid is with CSS. There are some proposed solutions for masonry layouts, but right now one of the best options is using CSS columns. I don't use columns often, but it made sense for this project and provided an effective way to achieve the desired layout. It was a valuable learning experience and highlighted the versatility of CSS for complex designs.