Professional resume with HTML and CSS

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Hunter Becton

Hunter Becton

Professional resume with HTML and CSS




What did you learn while working on this solution?

Not much, but it was nice to build something using just vanilla HTML and CSS. It reminded me of the simplicity and elegance of these foundational web technologies, and it was refreshing to create a project without relying on any frameworks or libraries.

What would you do differently if you had to solve this challenge again, and why?

There’s not much I would do differently because I really like how it turned out. The resume is clean, professional, and meets all the requirements. The design is responsive and looks great on all screen sizes, so I’m quite satisfied with the final product.

Did you try any new approaches or technologies in this challenge? What was that experience like?

No, I went back to the basics with plain HTML and CSS. It was a great experience to revisit these core technologies and focus on writing clean, semantic HTML and well-structured CSS. This approach ensured that the resume is lightweight, fast-loading, and easily maintainable.