Dad joke generator with React

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Hunter Becton

Hunter Becton

Dad joke generator with React


Tailwind CSS



What did you learn while working on this solution?

I learned how to make API requests to fetch jokes and display them using React. This project also taught me how to handle loading and error states effectively, ensuring a smooth user experience even when the API requests encounter issues.

What would you do differently if you had to solve this challenge again, and why?

It would be cool to expand on the UI and include some jokes that required you to interact with the app to view the punchline. This could involve adding interactive elements or animations to make the joke-telling experience more engaging and fun for the users.

Did you try any new approaches or technologies in this challenge? What was that experience like?

I used Axios instead of the built-in fetch API. It was interesting to compare the benefits of using Axios over fetch. Axios provided some convenient features, such as automatic JSON data transformation and easier error handling, making it a valuable tool for managing API requests in this project.