Level 5

Kanban task board

Take on the challenge of building a simple yet effective kanban board, enabling users to manage tasks, subtasks, and workspaces efficiently.


Your Challenge is to design and implement a dynamic Kanban board for task management. Users should be able to add, edit, and remove workspaces and manipulate tasks within them, including the ability to add, view, edit, and delete them. Each task should also allow for the inclusion of subtasks.

Your Challenge is complete when:

  • The app is as close to the original design as possible

  • The app is responsive and viewable on multiple screen sizes

  • Elements have the correct state styles (hover, focus, etc.)

  • Tasks and subtasks can be created, viewed, edited, and deleted seamlessly

  • Workspaces can be added, edited, and removed effectively

  • Bonus for the inclusion of drag-and-drop functionality to allow users to move tasks between different workspaces


Illustration of a computer code

Solutions coming soon

What's included

Challenges include all the assets you would expect from a designer in real-world projects, plus some resources to help you complete the Challenge.

  • Organized Figma design file
  • Detailed desktop, tablet, and mobile layouts
  • Comprehensive design system
  • Relevant fonts, colors, SVGs, and images
  • Alternative Solutions from members
  • Straightforward quick-start guide
  • Recommended list of learning resources
  • Access to community Discord channels