Animated icons for websites and apps

Iconcrate is a growing library of 50+ animated Lottie icons that you can use on websites and apps to create an engaging experience for your users.

Free future updates

Pay once and enjoy updates for life

Multiple file types

Purchase includes Lottie, SVG, PNG, and AE files

Continual new icons

View the icon roadmap or suggest new icons

Why Lottie

Differentiate your designs with interactive animations

Multi-platform support means it will play almost anywhere

Lottie files work on any browser that supports modern JavaScript. Free libraries exist for Web, React, iOS, Android, Angular, Vue, WordPress, and more.

Small files that look sharp and never pixelate

Lottie files are tiny JSON files (a few kilobytes) that won’t slow down your site. They’re also drawn using vectors, so they’ll look sharp on any screen.

Assign animations to respond to web interactions

Lottie players come with several options to customize animations like autoplay and looping. Players can even pause or play animations based on events.

Customize animations to match your brand colors

Lottie files are customizable to fit perfectly with your brand. Visit the editor to start customizing the animations or watch the tutorial to learn more.

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