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How to publish on Skillthrive

By Hunter Becton on October 10, 2022

TLDR: Fill out the author form here to start your application to publish on Skillthrive.

Why I started Skillthrive

Skillthrive started as a YouTube channel in 2017. Back then, most tutorials were on Photoshop and motion design, but I soon found success in web design tutorials and eventually shifted the channel's focus. 

As the channel grew, I knew I wanted to supplement my YouTube content with a website. That's when I set out and built! 

A lot has changed since launching the first site, and today Skillthrive contains educational posts, code snippets, code challenges, and code solutions. So far in the journey, I've been the only one running Skillthrive, but I want to finally open the doors to authors that want to help others level up their web development careers.

Why publish on Skillthrive?

Skillthrive is a growing community of developers from all skill sets and backgrounds. With over 60 thousand YouTube subscribers and 13 thousand newsletter members, there's a huge opportunity to help others with your content.

Give back to the developer community

I believe the developer community is one of the best out there. When I started, I was shocked at how resourceful and willing others were to help.

I think that affability easily rubs off on people, and I contribute much of that culture to why I do what I do with Skillthrive today. With your help, you can help give back to the developer community, too.

Get assistance with editing

Before becoming a web developer, I spent my first eight years as a content strategist. I have experience planning, writing, and editing content for various audiences and mediums. 

When you publish to Skillthrive, I'm here to help you with your content's message and ensure you deliver quality content.

Earn recognition 

Your work deserves to be seen. When you publish on Skillthrive, you will reach a large audience of readers, and the best posts will have the opportunity to be featured in our newsletter.

How it works

When you become a Skillthrive author, you'll be sent a document with more details on the process, but the gist is as follows:

  • Apply to become an author

  • Create a Skillthrive account

  • Pitch your post idea or select from one of the open posts

  • Start writing once your idea is approved

  • Submit your post for review

  • Make revisions as necessary

  • Skillthrive will publish your post


What is Skillthrive looking for when reviewing author applications?

I'm looking for people with experience writing technical content that's easy to digest and fun to read. Someone who can explain complicated topics clearly and concisely will always stand out from the crowd.

What type of content does Skillthrive want to publish?

Our focus is educational web development content. This content could be about any programming language, framework, or library. The main goal is that the reader should walk away from your post learning something new. Web design content is also welcome!

If you're struggling to come up with an idea or need some inspiration, check out a list of suggested post ideas.

Can I publish content I've published somewhere else?

Yeah, no problem! There's an option to add a canonical tag to your post. Remember that your post will still need to pass review before being published. However, reposted content has less chance of being featured in our newsletter, so exclusive content is always preferred.


Ready to get started? Fill out an author application here–it's only a few questions! I look forward to opening the community to more people, and I hope you join me! If you have any questions, reach out on Twitter or join our Discord.